Standard size 200cm. 6-8 persons (2)

Large size 220cm. 8-10 persons (1)

The hot tub with an external stove is a larger-sized option with numerous advantages for the whole family, especially due to the space it provides inside.

This hot tub features a larger interior space, giving you more room to enjoy time together with family or friends. It’s the perfect place for gatherings and entertainment, allowing each family member to unwind and cherish special moments.

The hot tub with an external stove has a modern and functional design that seamlessly blends into your garden or terrace environment. Its attractive style creates a cozy and contemporary atmosphere that can be tailored to your needs and taste.

With these benefits, the hot tub with an external stove is an excellent choice for the whole family. It not only provides relaxation and pleasure but also encourages family bonding, activity, and quality time, contributing to the creation of special memories with your loved ones.